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inetgral_nutrition_image_08As a qualified practitioner I have been committed to improving peoples health, fitness, and nutrition for over 30 years.

In that time I have come across thousands of products and gadgets advertised as helping various aspects of health, most of which have not stood up to thorough investigation or use.

Just a few products however have extremely valuable benefits both form a theoretical scientific point of view and experientially where I have used them extensively with my thousands of patients. It is these that I offer you on these pages.

Every product offered here I own and use in my own home for myself and my family, and with my patients.

Every product sold here comes with a free mini consultation with myself to ensure you get the best use from them.

All the quoted testimonials for these products are original and hand written and on display in my waiting room.

To purchase any product

Please contact me by email at or phone 0208 449 9213.  I aim to reply to customers between 9 am and 10am Monday to Friday.

I prefer to talk to my customers in order to ensure the product is the right one for you and for your security in paying your credit card will be taken over the phone.