About MySelf

I have been committed to the improvement of health and nutrition since I was a child and spent my French lessons at school composing diets!

This interest was compounded greatly when my father died of cancer.

My first formal studies began 30 years ago at Leeds University with an honours degree in Food Science and Nutrition but I left early as I was disillusioned with the course- it was teaching more about how to make money for the food industry at the expense of the consumers health than about nutrition.

I moved on to courses in orthodox nutrition, macrobiotics, Ayruvedic medicine, fitness, stress management, and then 5 years of studying Wholistic Nutritional Medicine with Chinese 5 elements, iridology, homeopathy, Homotoxicolgy, and flower essences gaining a distinction in my final exams.

Aware that all levels of our being need to be in balance for maximum health, I continue to add to my knowledge and in addition to the above am qualified to teach all forms of physical fitness, Astanga Vinyasa Yoga, Natural Fertility Awareness, and to practice Metamorphic Technique.

Work on the subtle energy field has come about by my working with renowned teachers in the field for the last 16 years and now passing this work on to my patients and students both on a one-to-one basis and in groups.

I was tutor and lecturer for many years (until my son was born) for the prestigious Plaskett Nutritional Medicine College (now taken over by Thames Valley University)

Apart from running my practice and teaching courses, I am writing a book on Wholistic Nutritional Medicine and a book for children and teenagers on looking after themselves both nutritionally and emotionally.