Obesity – Finally an answer

I do not buy in to our celebrity culture of plastic looking so called perfect bodies but I do believe that we all know and feel deep down how are own bodies should look and feel when we are truly ourselves, in their natural and healthy state and that many many people these days are finding it hard to reach that.

I have found both personally and with all those I have guided in this, that uncovering our own unique bodies brings far more joy and vitality than ever could be obtained by just trying to look like someone else.

Obesity (i.e our natural bodies being covered in excess fat) is not just about not looking how we wish to. Its highly unhealthy, creating greatly increased risks of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol and making life harder and more miserable as the body feels exhausted and under par. Unseen fat accumulates around organs and makes it harder for them to work efficiently, especially the heart, lungs and liver.

It has taken 30 years of experience working with people, listening to my patients,  training, and my own research to put together a unique programme that makes losing excess fat easy, faster than normal and safe. Muscle and essential fat protecting the brain and nervous system are not lost. This prevents the exhaustion and weakness found with many other programmes. It also means that at the end of the programme the metabolism has not slowed down so maintenance is much easier .The programme is also individualized for each person .

There is no danger of too much weight being lost as the programme only allows excess fat, not healthy weight to be lost.

Each person is monitored and supported daily by myself. I have learned that obesity is not just a physical problem, but is very much related to stress, difficulties, and emotional issues and for fat loss to be permanent these issues need to be addressed. Guidance and tools for dealing with these issues are given during the process.

You will also be taught methods of determining for you personally which foods work well for you and which cause problems and therefore weight gain if consumed too often. However this is not a programme of lifetime deprivation- you will be shown how you can eventually eat anything you truly enjoy and still maintain your own unique comfortable weight, health, and vitality.

This is not just a fast weight loss fad. It is a complete retraining and rebalancing of your biochemistry and appetite so that you will be able to enjoy food more than you ever have in the past. Man was not designed to have to suffer and deprive himself in order to be a healthy weight. Our appetites and tastes have become perverted by chemicals and toxins in what is called food by the food and agricultural industries. This then creates an abnormal metabolism and cravings and the body reacts badly and lays down excess fat, making us feel tired and function at a level far below our potential.

Once this has been rebalanced by the first stage of the programme, our appetites naturally change so that keeping our bodies strong, healthy, and free of excess fat becomes a natural pleasure. This is the only longterm effective way of dealing with obesity.

To date , everyone following the programme has found it easy to lose their excess fat, even those who had previously been struggling for years (please see testimonials), and the joy it has given me to see peoples own joy at  becoming themselves and finally feeling they have their OWN body at last goes so very deep. Their joy and new found energy permeates every level of their being and is very satisfying and joyous to behold.