Initial Consultations

What happens at an initial consultation?
An initial consultation involves an in – depth full medical and symptom history from birth to the present time, naturopathic diagnostic techniques(these are totally non-invasive and involve looking at the tongue, nails, eyes, etc), discussion of any serious emotional difficulties, lifestyle, past diet and environmental factors such as levels of mobile phone mast exposure and chemicals as well as stressors. This take 75 to 90 minutes. Any further medical tests can be arranged if needed but this is rare.
At the end of this consultation you will be offered up to 2 comforting and enjoyable treatments to begin rebalancing your biochemistry and deeply relax you. These treatments are optional but are included in the price of the first consultation, are completely non invasive, safe, and are taken fully clothed.
They take 30 minutes , so allow 2 hours for the initial consultation.
After you have left I will spend a couple of hours over the next few days devising a completely personalised programme of diet, supplements, remedies, lifestyle suggestions, exercise suggestions if appropriate, and any additional techniques that will help you. This full programme will be emailed to you (or posted if you do not have email)
You will then do however much is possible for you of the suggestions , usually for about a month before having your follow-up consultation.