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Susan Donnelly Home Study Manual in Wholistic Nutritional Medicine



This course aims to end all the current confusion about food, unravel all the conflicting nutritional advice in the media, and explains what your bodies symptoms are trying to tell you,


It also explains why there are so many diet books all claiming success and all advising different things, and addresses a host of other factors affecting our health in the modern World.



This course will give you a means to clear up the confusion generated by all the conflicting opinions in the press and give you reasons for these differences.


It will teach you enough about how your body works to enable you to discriminate for yourself in the future as to the relevance of these fads.


The course goes way beyond the scope of conventional nutrition and take you through the philosophy of natural healing, toxins and factors influencing their removal, the systems of the body and how they work such as digestion, immune system, liver etc., and we cover bowel flora, environmental hazards, allergies, blood groups, blood sugar as well as nutrient requirements and how and why they differ from person to person, how to identify what you need to take, factors affecting our requirements and how these change during our lives.


Each mineral, vitamin, essential fatty acid, and essential amino acids will be taken in turn and discussed.


We will also cover how to help with stress, insomnia, weight problems, osteoporosis, children’s behavioural problems,infertility, heart disease and many more.


Information about supplements and how to choose the best ones, and what not to waste your money on is also given.




Cost £95 plus £5 P&P