More Information on INM

inetgral_nutrition_image_02INTEGRAL NUTRITIONAL MEDICINE involves Multi Level Healing

I developed Integral Nutritional Medicine as a synthesis of all the holistic therapies I have trained in over the last 30 years. It includes the wisdom from such established whole health systems as the Macrobiotic, Ayruvedic, and Chinese, the latest biochemical information available and the ancient naturopathic approach. This produces the most effective system for achieving and maximising health.

The central philosophy, as in all truly natural healing systems, is that the body will always heal itself if the conditions are right, and I use whatever natural methods are appropriate to each individual to bring about this rebalancing. Many tools may be used on many levels at different stages in treatment but DIET is always an essential component as apart from its own major impact on physical health it supports all other levels of work.

Like the ancient systems of health care previously mentioned, INM also believes that the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and subtle energy levels of a person are all connected and that disease on any one of these will affect all the others. Consequently, treatment on one level will help all the others but treatment or work on many levels will enhance and magnify the results dramatically.

Everybody is different and therefore has different needs to achieve optimum health. A prescription therefore will differ from person to person even if they have similar symptoms.

INM can be used to:

  • Prevent many conditions, especially those to do with ageing
  • Enhance and maximise health and vitality
  • Help with many conditions, for examples see “What can be helped”