Follow-up consultations

These are usually done in person, but those who live too far away or are very pushed time-wise may have phone follow-ups interspersed between visits.

At the follow-up we will discuss how much of the suggested programme you were able to do, what things you were not, ways to help you implement any thing you found difficult, ways to make the programme easier, anything you have noticed has changed as a result of the programme, anything that has not improved, and as a result of all this your programme will be fine tuned for the next month.If there are particular emotional reasons for your health issue these will also be discussed if you are comfortable to do so and at this point many people go onto the self-development work.

This will continue until you are well at which time a maintenance programme will be given and it will be suggested that you go on to after -care i.e. a visit every 3 months to check up and keep an eye on your health and make any appropriate changes – each person needs change with the seasons, age, what is going on in their life etc- there is no permanent perfect plan for everyone although the hundreds of books on health care might lead one to assume there were.

There is no obligation at any point to continue treatment with myself , but at the same time patients are welcomed back , even after years if they suddenly feel the need for help again.