Differences between INM & Other Nutrition

INM recognises that different people may have the same symptoms but with different causes.

It therefore treats the whole person as an individual, not just the symptom so that the original cause which may be on any level is addressed.

If this is not done, even if the treatment appears at first successful, the problem will reappear some time later.

A simple example:

3 different people may be anaemic.

This is usually associated with iron deficiency.

However, one of these people may truly be taking in insufficient amounts of iron, another may be zinc deficient (zinc is needed to make haemoglobin which carries the iron in the blood) and the third may have poor digestion and just not be absorbing their iron in spite of adequate intake.

A full in-depth INM consultation would discover which of these was the case and prescribe accordingly.

This is extremely important as just giving extra iron to the second case would actually worsen the condition, and giving it to the third would not help and could worsen the bowel condition.

So INM aims to discover and treat the original cause of a problem so giving the chance of a complete cure.

An initial consultation involves an in-depth full medical history from birth, naturopathic diagnostic techniques, discussion of any serious emotional difficulties lifestyle, past diet and environmental factors such as levels of mobile phone mast exposure and chemicals. This takes 75 to 90 minutes. Any further medical test can be arranged if needed.

A full detailed personalised programme of all suggested nutritional, lifestyle and other changes will be sent and a follow-up will be suggested about a month later.